jeudi 27 juillet 2017

Idea to increase governance robustness

The good old Drake equation postula state that if there's one, than, there should be many. In the case of vampire, if they exist, they are many. If they are many they will organize in company like fashion.

How should this company be set up? What would be good governance in such company. One thing for sure we can't expect that they grow old and die away as a robust governance. In the world of human it sadly often happens that the leader (CEO) of big company and more so the Board of Director (BoD) are unaccountable. There only punishment is often to be left alone to die since they are so old (often above age 65). (

In any case, how could we as a society push for more robust governance. It stands to reason that the CEO/BoD separation is a good thing. It's easier to get a second opinion if they are not the same person. However, if the only thing that BoD does is give advice through wisdom of the old and are not held accountable, then why follow their advice?

As a fellow vampire, I would like for them to be held accountable. One such method would be to insure that all the BoD pay from the last century of activity would be liable if the company  failed. A once in a century event may be acceptable in the human world, but sure is not in a vampire lenght of time.

What other technique should be inputed to the BoD? I there say that death by waiting as in the human world is not an option...

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